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Here's What I Know About Mental Health - kaitlynhparker.com

I’ll start with this: Praise God, it’s no longer something I struggle with. Seriously, that’s not a passive or cliché statement. I’ll always give God the glory for helping me overcome depression, anxiety, and disordered eating. And I know firsthand, these are very real, very difficult, very crippling experiences for so many. And I certainly […]

I feel like I’m breaking the writing silence for myself today and if I’m being honest, it’s a bit uncomfortable. In some ways, it feels like a slow retreat. I feel the welling in my eyes and a tightness in my chest as I hold back a few tears. It feels like returning to an […]

There's Always Another Way - kaitlynhiltz.com

Being a copywriter has taught me that there’s always another way to say or write something. It’s helped prevent writer’s block, it’s helped me curb the feeling of comparison, and it’s prevented self-doubt. It’s allowed me to see words as limitless —I simply have to figure out the puzzle. And the more I practice it, […]

2017: A Year in Review To catch up on my 2016 in review + 2017 goals from last year, read this post! Books Read Grand Total: ~24+ (I didn’t do the best job of tracking them this year!) Favorites: Chasing Slow You are Free Everybody Writes   Anthem // Favorite Worship Song(s) King of My Heart […]

Finding Meaning in "Break My Heart for What Breaks Yours - kaitlynhiltz.com

“Break my heart for what breaks yours.” It’s a religi-speak statement that catches our attention, doesn’t it? For anyone that’s ever experienced a broken heart, the pain is great, vast, and even unbearable. So how could we ever possibly ask for a broken heart? For a pain like that? It just doesn’t make sense. Yet what’s […]

07.01.17 // #whattheHiltzshesaParker   In my last post, I wrote a sort of letter to future myself with marriage advice and expressing the kind of wife I hope to be. Today I’m talking to other future brides/grooms – who may or may not (yet) be engaged and sharing our top 10 most worthwhile wedding decisions.  [This […]

Pear Shaped Engagement Ring on a Wine Barrel

My (un)solicited future marriage advice from me, to me.    Although I love concepts like change, transition, and novelty; and have had ample experience with them since about the time I was 3 years old, the anticipation of it all tends to make me anxious. And by anxious, I mean like whacked out, stressed, worried, […]

It’s funny how crafty and cunning the enemy can be, and as the days go by, despite knowing this fact, we often forget. I’m sharing this because I know how many of us – as daughters, as mothers, as wives, as friends, and simply as WOMEN tend to carry so much more on our shoulders than […]

Leading up to the holidays, I took quite the break from blogging, sending letters to my email list, and even regularly posting to my business social media accounts. All the time away was so good in so many ways that are still landing with me; making it hard to fully describe quite yet. For now, […]

This is a slightly different post topic for me, but I felt inspired and compelled to do so, thanks to the talented Rachel Giesel. It’s a semi-awkward, slightly-humorous, almost unwritten requirement that every ‘writer’ at some point publish their, “Why I Write” essay. Just ask George Orwell. Or Stephen King. Or Ernest Hemingway. Or any English […]