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This is a slightly different post topic for me, but I felt inspired and compelled to do so, thanks to the talented Rachel Giesel. It’s a semi-awkward, slightly-humorous, almost unwritten requirement that every ‘writer’ at some point publish their, “Why I Write” essay. Just ask George Orwell. Or Stephen King. Or Ernest Hemingway. Or any English […]

Dear Reader: Don't Your Ever Let Go - kaitlynhiltz.com

This wasn’t exactly something I intended to write when I sat down to do so this week, but sometimes you hear stories that have a way of tugging at your heart strings, and this is what comes out. Allow me to remind you why we’re all here. … Dear Reader, I don’t know your name. I […]

Two to three years ago I started noticing a persistent pain in my right hip – literally like a dull thorn in my side. I’d try to push-on and push-through, ignoring what my body was begging me to pay attention to. The discomfort only worsened over time until I was face-smackingly aware of my situation. […]

This past week, in a fit of technological frustration, I looked out the window to see there wasn’t a cloud in the sky and to be reminded of the well over 70°  forecast. All morning my computer had been coming at me with “Start-up disk full” notifications, 2 unread mailboxes, incoming texts, papers to be written, […]

Global athletic retailer, lululemon athletica, has a position in its corporate offices known as the “Director of Possibility” filled by a woman named Susanne Conrad. (I’ll let you relish in that amazing job title for a second.) Susanne is also the founder of igolu  (pronounced I-Goal-You)–“a body of innovative communication, vision, goal-setting, and leadership training […]

The Mystery of Mercy - kaitlynhiltz.com

A couple weeks ago, I went to a Bethel Music Worship Night hosted at our church. Amanda Cook, one of the lead singers, stepped up to the mic to sing a track from her not-then-released album (Brave New World), called “Mercy”. “My past embraced My sin forgiven I’m blameless in Your sight My history rewritten […]

This past week, while working out, I had a breakthrough about listening to my body and more importantly, finding my “ticking point”. Here’s how it went down: On Friday I went for a run. It was warm, it was early evening, I was in the zone and it felt great. I cruised out 6miles, no complaints. […]