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Trading Incessant Doing for Restful Being I recently encountered my first full-on wall of writer’s block in a long, long time. It’s not so much that the words weren’t there but more so that my belief in their weight started to escape me. I started viewing them as something that had to teach, prove, strive, and do. I […]

Dear Reader: Don't Your Ever Let Go - kaitlynhiltz.com

This wasn’t exactly something I intended to write when I sat down to do so this week, but sometimes you hear stories that have a way of tugging at your heart strings, and this is what comes out. Allow me to remind you why we’re all here. … Dear Reader, I don’t know your name. I […]

10 Better Body Behaviors I Learned from 10+ Days on Bedrest - kaitlynhiltz.com

As I haven’t been shy about sharing – I recently had an arthroscopic surgery on my hip. Many of you are probably like, “Yes, we know. We got it.” Others of you might be like, “Huh?” or “Wait, what!?” Either way, I don’t think I prepared myself mentally or physically (but really, how can you?) […]

How to Fall More in Love With...Reading My Bible? - kaitlynhiltz.com

Yes. You can, and I believe you will.  I am not a pastor, preacher, or small group leader. I didn’t go to divinity school, bible college, or discipleship training. Arguably, I am vastly unqualified to write this post. I write this post with the sheer qualification of having been on the other side of not being in love with […]

The Mystery of Mercy - kaitlynhiltz.com

A couple weeks ago, I went to a Bethel Music Worship Night hosted at our church. Amanda Cook, one of the lead singers, stepped up to the mic to sing a track from her not-then-released album (Brave New World), called “Mercy”. “My past embraced My sin forgiven I’m blameless in Your sight My history rewritten […]

The other day I went straight to the beach in what you could call nothing short of a desperate attempt to face plant into the sand with a view of the ocean. Well, I guess I can’t really see much of the ocean if my face is in the sand, but you get what I’m […]

The other day I was browsing various podcasts by Judah Smith, Senior Pastor of City Church.  As I browsed his relatively lengthy collection on iTunes, the title of one caught my eye – “Instagram Isn’t Real“. Hmm, that’s different for a Christian sermon topic, I thought.  [Double-click] I started listening…ok fine, I started half-listening as the background to some […]