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We’ve finally decided to begin our living room refresh project which I’m SO excited for. We bought an IKEA couch a few years ago that’s served its purpose but I was never crazy about it. It started with an unassuming trip to Pottery Barn, where we were told they were having a private sale. And […]

Connor and I joke constantly about how big of homebodies we are. As much as I love going out for a wine & dine kind of night, there’s something I just love about being at home. I’d honestly rather shop for home décor over clothes any day and love any opportunity to host a close […]

Summer has always been my favorite season, but after the incessant heatwave we all experienced this summer, I’ve found myself actually craving the cool, crispness of fall. I’d been feeling like our downstairs décor could use a bit of a refresh, so I was excited to head on over to none other than Target to […]

If you follow me on Instagram, you know our dining room has been hogging all the real estate on my stories! I never realized how hard it was to shop for a dining table. There are so many things to think about – the right wash/wood tone/material, other metal accents, length, width, height, available extensions, […]

Get the Look for Less: Console Tables - kaitlynhiltz.com

I’m back with the 2nd edition of the “Get the Look for Less” series – and today, it’s featuring one of my faves, console tables! Most of these are for an entryway, as I obsessed over which console table to purchase for our own entryway and looked through 100s of options. I will say, I […]

Paint Picks: Modern Coastal Industrial - Our Living Room - kaitlynhiltz.com

Okay, so this post is a bit belated as I think I first mentioned writing it almost two months ago now, but nonetheless, I finally got around to it! I had such mixed feelings about picking paint colors for our new construction, completely flat-white walled home. I loved sorting through all of the color options and […]

GET THE LOOK FOR LESS: LIGHTING - kaitlynhiltz.com

image source: McGee & Co. Lately, I’ve been doing my fair share of furniture shopping as we’ve been working to make our new house a home. And well, is it just me or are you constantly finding a piece you love online, only to later see it pop up across the interwebs for all different prices? […]