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Favorite Recent Purchases | No. 2


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Last month I started a new series about um, well… my favorite recent purchases! (Catch No. 1 of this series HERE.)

This spring, I’d been thinking through outfits for my best friend’s wedding in Telluride as well as trying to refine my wardrobe. I’ve wanted to do a better job of only buying/keeping what I really LOVE versus buying stuff online without much thought, trying it on briefly, ripping off the tags, and then always feeling like it just wasn’t quite right.

The more ‘curated’ and ‘less but better’ approach can be challenging but it always ends up feeling so much more satisfying.

So with that, here are this season’s purchases that I’d definitely consider to be worth it.

Favorite Recent Purchases No. 2 - kaitlynhparker.com - Spring 2021 Style
(1) CBD (2) Running Shoe (3) Bathing Suit (4) Espadrille (5) Sneaker (6) Purse (7) Lip Gloss (8) Tray (9) Skincare (10) Journal (11) Kindle


(1) I’ll be honest, it took me a while to get on the CBD train. I just wasn’t that into it at first and doubted whether it would really make a difference. I’d heard great things about this Equilibria brand (and admittedly, liked the clean black & white branding) so I decided to give it a try. About a month or so into taking it, I can truthfully say I notice a difference when I *don’t* take it. It absolutely takes the edge off at times and has helped even out my stress levels. I also love that they offer personalized support for dosage. Shop here and use the code “REFKAITLYNHPARKER” for $20 off.

(2) This ON running shoe. I couldn’t resist that color combo! I also found a large, in-stock selection of ON shoes on the website fleetfeet.com.

(3) I ordered two bathing suits from H&M, and loved this black ribbed one (top here, bottom here). The bottoms are a little cheeky but not too cheeky. Overall, it feels really flattering and comfortable, which isn’t always the easiest combo to find with this style suit!

(4) I bought these neutral espadrille heels for the wedding festivities in Telluride and think they’re even cuter in person. It is a relatively high heel so if you’re not used to walking in heels these days, they may feel a bit tall. But I didn’t have any issues and thought they were easy to slip on & go the first wear. (The black and tan are super cute too!)

(5) I’ll admit, these Golden Goose sneakers were a splurge but I’d been wanting to add a camel-colored pair to my collection and *finally* found a neutral style that would look good with anything, all year long. Call them trendy, but the quality is amazing and I get SO much wear out of them that I see them more as an investment piece. I’m just a big, big fan. (Oh, and if it’s your first purchase from Neiman Marcus, sign up for their email list and you’ll get 15% off!)

(6) Another investment wardrobe staple, this little leather crossbody from Polène Paris is something I’ve eyed for a while and figured could be used for day or night. Plus, anything that takes me back to the feeling of being in Paris, and I’m sold! At first sight, it looked small to me, but holds a surprising amount and doesn’t feel too heavy to carry for an extended period of time. (See size comparison next to my wine glass below.) So basically, I’m really happy with it so far! I will say, if you’re looking for something less expensive, MANGO has sooo many cute and affordable bags right now.

Polène Paris Numero Un Nano - Tan Textured Leather Crossbody Handbag next to Oree des Roses Rosé in Kitchen
Polène Paris Numero Un Nano - Tan Textured Leather Crossbody Handbag - in Telluride, CO

Here’s another look at the color, texture, and size of it.

Polène Paris Numero Un Nano - Tan Textured Leather Crossbody Handbag

(7) I restocked all of my makeup recently and added a few new lip colors like Pillow Talk by Charlotte Tillbury and this perfectly neutral and glossy Marc Jacobs lip gloss (in Skin Deep and I also love Cream & Sugar) that I’d heard a local blogger talk about. I’m already wishing I ordered multiple tubes while it was on sale! See the Cream & Sugar color on me here…

(8) I saw a beautiful shagreen decorative tray on Instagram the other day but it was a bit more than I’d want to spend on something like that. I did a random Amazon search and found this one for a fraction of the price. I use it on my desk to hold my planner, journals, pens, a simple black dish, and Ritual daily vitamins. It looks more high-end than the price and would also be beautiful on a coffee table or bathroom vanity.

(9) In terms of skincare products, I’ve been really pleased with everything I’ve tried from Naturium. I first saw it at Target and bought a moisturizer in a pinch after running out of my Arbonne one. I loved the way it felt and the price point is literally a third of my other one so I figured I may as well try a few other products and stick with it for a while! I loved that this serum is formulated with vitamin C, retinol, hyaluronic acid, niacinamide and salicylic acid. Literally, it’s like an all-in-one! You can also find it on Amazon or direct from the Naturium website. (Which, along with their branding, is so well done!)

(10) After journaling a bit more last month thanks to my Five Minute Journal, I felt the craving for a little more room to jot down everything from work stuff to daily thoughts to book notes. I’ve long been a big fan of the Wit & Delight blog so I grabbed this journal from their product line at Target.

(11) Speaking of book notes, Connor and I also decided to each buy ourselves a Kindle Paperwhite. I was #teamrealbooks for the longest time because of the feel of them, the principle of it…the list goes on. But honestly, we’ve started running out of room to store them, it adds up if you’re ordering books regularly ($$$), and it’s more environmentally friendly to just read the digital copy. So Kindle it is! Sitting down with it and having literally any book within reach has become something I really look forward to at the end of a long day.

Kindle Paperwhite on Linen Sheets

I hope you love one or more of these items as much as I do!

x, Kaitlyn

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