Favorite Recent Purchases No. 3 | Beauty Edition - kaitlynhparker.com


Favorite Recent Purchases No. 3 | Beauty Edition


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Clean beauty can be hard to find but when you find the products/brands you love and that work for you, you want to shout them from the rooftops. Hence, this post.

After a month of travel (cross-country road trip, NYC work trip, visiting family in NC), I’ve relied on all of these products to keep myself feeling good.

I can have really sensitive skin – so I try to be intentional about using high-quality products. And I mean, if the branding is minimalist and cute, well, that has my heart.

Merit LipstickLipstick can be tough. It can feel drying and heavy and just uncomfortable. And the shades can feel off – but Merit’s whole new ‘Signature’ line is spot on. This ‘Slip’ color is perfect for everyday wear – it’s neutral with a slight brownish tone and it’s buildable so you can go easy or heavier on the pigment.

Dae Shampoo & Conditioner (here and here) – I’ve tried a few different brands but my coarse, wavy hair always has a mind of its own. This not only smells amazing but gets out the tangles easily. It feels cleansed, healthy, and moisturized after washing – and the pink packaging makes me happy.

Salty Face Sunless TannerThere are a few different brands out there for sunless tanner but this one feels and looks the most natural on my skin. You can also get it with the spray attachment + brush for flawless, well-blended application. I’ve also followed its founder Bethany Menzel for years so I love being able to support what she’s created, even in a small way!

Kaja Eye ShadowI was sooo happy when I found this eye shadow. I only ever use one to three colors in a palette and have never understood why the packaging is huge, boxy, and so hard to travel with. And also gets messy! This shape takes up barely any room in your makeup bag and the colors are beautifully neutral + matte.

Makeup Remover PadsMy friend Brooke told me about these and I found this set on Amazon. They’re reusable (so better for the environment!) and will save your white bath towels and wash cloths from makeup stains. They come with a handy little mesh wash bag, too!

Hand CreamThe small size of this makes it ideal for mini bags & clutches, or even keeping on your desk or nightstand. I can barely detect a scent so it’s not irritating and gives me all the moisture I need after hand sanitizer overload.

Lip BalmSimple, clean, cute, moisturizing. Need I say more?

Merit Highlighter StickThis has such a beautiful sheen to it and a little goes a long way. It’s also really soft and blendable compared to other brands I’ve tried that feel dried out.

Perfume RollerThis scent is warm, spicy, and inviting. I love it so much! A roller is great for on-the-go, and little touch-ups, without wasting half of it by spraying into the room.

Oak Essentials SkincareI’ve talked about this line a bit already on my Story, but I’m really obsessed. (As I am with all things Jenni Kayne.) My skin can get reallyyyy dry in the winter and breaks out as a result. This stuff has saved me and feels like a legit facial every time I use it. Made with essential oils, the scents are so good and relaxing – not overpowering or perfumey.

Have you tried any of these? What are your latest faves?

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