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Favorite Recent Purchases | No. 4


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Although I’ve been trying to shop less and reduce my spending, it feels like there’s always something we either ‘need’ – or that I convince myself we need – or that straight up tempts me. (face palm)

Buttt, each of these items made it to the favorites list because I’ve been getting a lot of use out of them and they’ve made a positive impact one way or another. Read on for the details & links if you’re interested.

KHP Favorite Recent Purchase No. 4 - kaitlynhparker.com

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Shop each item here: Water bottle / Fabric shaver / Book / Workout set / Bar cabinet / Coverup

(1) Another water bottle? Yeah, I know. But I loved that this one was actually glass and has little ticker marks on it – both for the oz/ml count and the time. That way you can try to stay on track and drink enough water during the day. (Something I had *not* been previously doing.) It’s larger than I thought but still fits in my cup holder in the car, looks nicer on my desk than a big jug, and comes with the neoprene sleeve to protect it from breakage while traveling.

(2) This fabric shaver is a powerful little thing! We purchased some Amazon-brand sofas for our living area at the end of 2021, and they get a lot of use. I’d started to notice some pretty bad pilling, and decided to finally put one of these to the test. It worked like a charm and made them look so much less worn.

(3) Ah, more coffee table books, yes, please. This one is written by Lauren Liess, one of my favorite interior designers, and I love that there’s actually a lot of text & storytelling inside of it. It’s not just pictures! You learn a ton about her approach to design, the design decisions they’ve made in each of their homes over the years, and some of her favorite projects. I’m about halfway through and am really enjoying it. Plus, it looks cute displayed on my nightstand.

(4) There are endless workout sets on Amazon, and they’re pretty hard to pass up based on how cute and affordable they are. I saw this blue color, loved it, and went for it. Probably should’ve gotten a small instead of a medium, but at least it’s relaxed and comfortable this way. It’s not super compressive so I wouldn’t do higher intensity workouts in it, but for light days, just being comfortable, or wearing around with an overshirt, I’m happy with it and could see getting more—or other similar ones.

(5) This bar cabinet was somewhat of an impulse buy – but also not? I’ll share a full picture + links for our dining area soon, but it had been in the works for a while. We put our old dining table in Connor’s office for use as a conference room table, so we got a new one, and it created a domino of needing two more chairs…and then also the perfect accent piece. The space we have for a bar area isn’t huge, so I needed something low profile, something that matched the surrounding wood tones, and was really functional. This one is slightly taller so you’re not hunched over it making a drink. It also has a marble top so you don’t have to worry about spills, plus ample storage for glassware, wine bottles, and all your bar gadgets. It got to our house in 3(!!) days and was super easy to set up. Cute, isn’t it?

Favorite Recent Purchases No. 4 - kaitlynhparker.com

(6) I had been eyeing this cover-up from Sivan Ayla’s brand Tan + Lines for a while, and finally ordered it before our trip to Mexico. I have it in black too. I will say, it’s pretty delicate and I think I can see where the linen is starting to pull at the back of one of them, but my white one is holding up well. I’m trying to be gentle with them! It’s the perfect length and cut, and I really like the linen + cotton fabric blend. You can wear it to the pool, boat, beach, or just over a tank + shorts. Super versatile!

Alright, that’s it for now – hope you find a great use for these like I have.

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