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Home Refresh Picks from Studio McGee for Target


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Featured image sourced via Target

The collaboration between Studio McGee for Threshold at Target may be one of the best things to happen to home decor. I love that the pieces from these collections feel so on-trend and design-forward but at a much more affordable price point.

I’m always keeping an eye out for the latest drop because many of the products I’ve purchased have become my favorites in our house. (I literally think we only have Studio McGee for Target lamps at this point.)

I will say, the quality is not what you’d get if you’re splurging for the real thing over at McGee & Co. But when you’re paying like a 10th of the price, that’s to be expected, right? You’re still getting the same aesthetic and feel and can try out new styles without the post-purchase regret.

I’ve really liked all the collection drops so far but this one had me swooning for handfuls of items.

Below you’ll find my picks from the latest spring 2022 drop to refresh your home (even though I’m currently staring at snow on the ground).

Many of these come out January 23rd, so be quick – because the popular items tend to sell out ridiculously fast.


Burlwood Console Table

Burlwood Side Table

Burlwood Mirror

Pausing to say it’s ridiculously hard to find burlwood (or a burlwood ‘look’) at a realistic price point. It’s typically $1K+. Just do a quick Google search and you’ll see what I mean!

Marble Links

Scalloped Bowl

Rattan Side Table

This is so cute and I feel like it would look good with everything from coastal decor to mid-century modern to desert casual. Could even work well as nightstands in a guest bedroom.

Neutral Lumbar Pillow

Striped Lumbar Pillow

Olive Tree

Can you ever have too many olive trees? No. You cannot.

Ficus Tree

I think this is for outdoor but I’m debating it for our main bedroom.

Outdoor Lantern

Mixed Florals Faux Plant

How cute is this to place on an outdoor patio table?

Wood & Fabric Bench

Love this for the end of a bed, under a window, or near an entryway where you can sit and lace up your shoes.


I’ll admit, I’m curious about the quality of this piece, but I think it’s beautiful and would go perfectly in our kitchen. Gah!


I’d been looking for a linen pinboard and almost pulled the trigger on a pricier one from Pottery Barn until I saw that this is coming out!

Sherpa Bench

We don’t really have a place for this in our house but I wish we did because it looks so cozy.

I *could* keep going because there’s lotssss more good stuff where all of this came from!

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