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It’s hard to know where to begin because it feels like this story has begun over and over again.

But perhaps, I’ll start by saying this:

It’s been almost 6 years since I created a business around my love of writing and somewhere along the way, I sort of lost my own voice.

In a way, at least.

During that time, I cultivated one for Copy Uncorked—centered around copywriting, marketing, and entrepreneurship. And through that business, myself and the CU team have also developed brand messaging & website copy for over 150 brands and small business owners around the globe. All in just a few short years. ?

And while I absolutely love it – and none of that is changing – I also love digging into my faith, enjoying online shopping way too much, trying new brands, dreaming about our next trip, obsessing over home decor, and just trying to live a more meaningful life between tabs on tabs of in-progress client drafts.

Trust me, I realize there’s no shortage of bloggers, influencers, and content creators on the internet. I’m certainly not trying to be just another one. (My internal dialogue has beat me up over that since forever.) ?? My early days of blogging (circa 2009?) – were so much simpler. There wasn’t such an emphasis on video, Reels, feed aesthetics, professional photography, and the list goes on. I let a lot of that deter me, rather than just choosing to create what felt fun and natural for me.

Despite all of that, having a space online to call my own and to share all the musings of my life & heart is something I can’t seem to escape doing.

Even when time gets away from me, when people pleasing & perfectionism get the best of me, when I choose introversion over connection, consuming over creating, and complexity over simplicity.

When it comes down to it, I crave the process of creating and sharing even if just for the sake of it.

I’d always managed the design of my website and branding myself but found myself endlessly fiddling with it. So when a trusted designer & friend within my circle (Angela of Saffron Avenue) released a semi-custom brand that I fell in love with at first sight, I knew it was time to hand over the reins.

Branding for Kaitlyn Parker - Lifestyle Blog -

Typically color-allergic, I felt so inspired by the color blue – and realized how much it naturally appears in my photos thanks to living in the coastal city of Virginia Beach. Water has always been a big part of my life and being near it always makes me feel at ease.

So I wanted something that felt both energizing and calming, natural, but not necessarily entirely ‘neutral’.

Long story short, I adore what Angela put together for me and had so much fun translating it all into an updated website design.

Branding for Kaitlyn Parker - Lifestyle Blog -

With the refresh of this personal blog, also comes a reboot of the Wine Stains Podcast—co-hosted & produced by my husband Connor, which first aired 5 episodes in summer 2021…before life happened and we stopped.

But we’re so excited to share that it’s officially coming back this summer 2022 (a full year later ?). We have a fresh new look in-line with the rest of my blog design, and an enthusiasm for keeping Wine Stains—and allll the lessons that come with it alive.

Wine Stains Podcast Branding - -
Wine Stains Podcast - by Connor & Kaitlyn Parker
Wine Stains Podcast Branding - -

Sincerely, a big thank you to anyone and everyone who hit play on any part of our first 5 episodes. We’re grateful for you!

New episodes are underway and dropping very soon.

So take this for what it is – and for whatever this ‘new’ version shall be. I’m sure it will continue to grow & evolve, just as I have, and just as I will.

Either way, I’m glad this version of it is here to share with you. xx

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