September 8, 2018

Shop the Style: Modern Farmhouse Dining Tables

If you follow me on Instagram, you know our dining room has been hogging all the real estate on my stories! I never realized how hard it was to shop for a dining table.

There are so many things to think about – the right wash/wood tone/material, other metal accents, length, width, height, available extensions, shipping costs…the list goes on.

There’s a lot to consider, and since it’s an investment into your space, it’s really worth it to do your homework!

After shopping around for what felt like forever, I’ve included a list of some of our finalists below. They’re all slightly different and range in price but fall somewhat within the scope of the modern farmhouse – and even a little industrial and coastal.

As you can tell, I tend to prefer the lighter wash wood tones and even a mix of materials like metal/steel or concrete.

I hope this helps inspire the creation of a dining area you love!

Shop the Style: Modern Farmhouse Dining Tables -


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We’ve also been in the process of replacing our clear, lucite chairs (as pictured above) and have purchased some new head chairs so far! I’ll update again later when it’s fully complete with new artwork, etc. and with more tips & ideas. Happy shopping!

What’s your favorite? What other great dining table options did I miss?

x, Kaitlyn



Shop the Style: Modern Farmhouse Dining Tables -


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