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I’d been on the hunt for a set of new nightstands for…at least a year? I knew exactly what I wanted – unstained solid white oak with an open shelf for displaying books and such, but also with drawers for storage, minimal hardware, and finally, extra wide in length. Oh, and without costing thousands of dollars each or taking 4+ months to arrive.

No big deal, right? Or so I thought.

Everything I came across was either on backorder, $1500+, or not quite the right color, style, or mainly, size.

We have big Studio McGee for Target lamps and I wanted room for all my other nighttime essentials, too. The average nightstand is between 16″ to 24″ inches, and that just wasn’t quite big enough for what I was going for.

Thanks to an Instagram ad (imagine that), I came across SMPL Home – a Southern California-based studio, with a Modern Bedside Table that was pretty much exactly what I was looking for.

They’re pricier, but compared to brands like Jenni Kayne and McGee & Co., they’re sensible. Especially for a quality piece of furniture that should last forever.

The standard width for the SMPL Home nightstand is 22″, so I contacted the company about a custom order. They got right back to me and sent over a quote for 30″ ones made with white oak (you can choose between wood species) and a 2.5 week turnaround time and free shipping.

I was flipping thrilled. Paid up in minutes and couldn’t wait for them to get here.

The only downside to my experience was that it took quite a bit longer than 2.5 weeks from the time I placed the order to delivery, and the initial tracking number sent to me wasn’t working (cue a bit of uneasiness) – but they were always responsive and helpful via Instagram.

They arrived about 2+ months from the time of order. Which, to be fair, is still reasonable considering they were made to order and came from the West Coast.

The delivery guy agreed to set them inside, and I eagerly unboxed them to see the wood color. Anddd it’s perfect. I love the size, the texture, and the push-to-open drawer feature.

Custom White Oak Nightstands - Jenni Kayne lookalike -

If custom isn’t the route you want to go, I’ve also rounded up a few other favorites that I had in consideration at one point or another.

Light wood nightstands round-up -

BROWSE ALL VIA LTK HERE / (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6) (7)

And thanks to yet another Instagram ad, I came across these cuties just as I sat down to write this post.

And because how could I leave out the actual nightstand styling / drawer organization portion…here’s what I’ve stored within it so far.

Nightstand styling & organization -

BROWSE ALL VIA LTK HERE / (1) Drawer organizers (2) Hair clips (3) Hand lotion (4) Candle (similar) (5) Lip balm (6) Coasters (7) Book (8) Electric candle lighter (9) Similar faux olive tree – plus an eye mask, headphones, Casaluna sleep spray, hair scrunchies, and a few other odds & ends…you get the idea.

I swear this upgrade has been making me sleep better. But maybe that’s all just in my head?? 😉

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