Summer Skin-Savers: Arbonne Calm & Clear


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I think we can all agree that the heat & sunshine of summer can do a number on our skin. We’re hot, generally sweaty & shiny, covered in sunscreen, or caught with makeup still on, (when we wish we’d just left it off).

SO, what’s a girl to do?

What I can tell you is what’s been working for me this season…and every season for that matter. I’ve found a great mix of skincare from various Arbonne product lines. I have pretty combination skin – oily around my chin and t-zone, and often drier in other places – meaning one set product line doesn’t always do it for me.

Recent cheesy, clear-skin, low make-up car selfie. 😘

I like my products formulated without any harmful irritants, dyes, perfumes, or extras that just don’t belong on my face. Did you know our skin absorbs what we put on it within about 26 seconds!? Imagine the stuff we wear all day and night! Yikes, no wonder we have break-outs.

Without further rambling, here’s my current star-studded line-up, thanks to Arbonne.

Gentle Daily Cleanser – This cleanser gently washes away my makeup, excess oil and dirt without irritating or over-drying my skin. It’s also sulfate-free and formulated with only the most essential ingredients!

Gentle Daily Moisturizer – This soothing moisturizer feels weightless and absorbs quickly. I love that I can pretty much apply my makeup right after rubbing it on my face since it’s not too heavy for daytime. It leaves me feeling refreshed & hydrated – no tightness, dryness or irritation.

Nourishing Facial Oil – This little number has been my secret weapon. I was shocked to learn that a lot of break-outs are actually caused by dryness. It gives you an instant illuminating glow from the sheer dry oil formula made with ingredients containing omega fatty acids (3 and 6) and a superantioxidant. Legit a superfood for your skin!

Intensive Acne Spot Treatment – Because let’s be real, my skin isn’t perfect and break-outs definitely happen. This is how I stay ahead of them when I feel it coming on. I have gone to bed with a red zit-forming spot and woken up with it calmed and clearer thanks to this little miracle tube. Snag ya’self some!

Mattifying Powder – Also worth mentioning is this translucent mattifying powder that I apply after using all of the above + my foundation. I would always feel like my make-up didn’t quite ‘sit’ right on my skin or last through the day without me wanting to claw it off my face (no lie) but this stuff absorbs any excess oil and prevents breakouts for me. #winning

If one (or all) of these products sound up your alley, you can directly shop them below!

Get in touch with me to find out how you can get 20-35% off your order! Got questions? I’m here to answers those, too. There’s plenty more goodness where this stuff came from.

[shopr collection=”Arbonne Summers Skin Savers (Calm)”]


I’m curious…do you have a skincare line you love? What are your most persistent skin issues?

x, Kaitlyn



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