The Best Workout You Haven't Heard of...Yet - Flobody Fitness -


The Best Workout You Haven’t Heard Of…Yet


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This summer, I attended Camp Climb in Iowa for Copy Uncorked and fatefully met Janie Kokakis, cofounder of Flobody Fitness.

When she was first telling me about it, I had no idea her and her husband invented (and patented) it!

If you’re busy (duh, of course, you are), then get ready because this is the best workout you haven’t heard of…yet!

What’s “Flobody” & Janie’s Story

The Flobody Gym is a complete set designed to allow you to workout from anywhere with whatever time you have to dedicate to working out that day.

After Janie had her son, she was dying to workout and get back into a fitness routine, but as you fellow moms can relate to…that’s not always the easiest task.

So her husband headed to Home Depot and came back with some pieces to construct what would later be considered the first Flobody Gym.

Janie used her love of fitness and personal training certification to create workouts for herself and now, for you and me.

If you like yoga, barre, and/or pilates, then you’ll love this! As they say, it’s “the only yoga mat turned portable gym.”

Today’s Flobody Gym comes from a quality manufacturer with an impressive attention to detail.

The Best Workout You Haven't Heard of...Yet - Flobody Fitness -

What’s Inside

When I first unboxed mine, I couldn’t stop thinking, “Dang, they really thought of everything!”

The main piece of the Flobody gym is, of course, the mat. Made of biodegradable TPE, it’s sizeable at 72 inches and 6mm thick.

There’s a bar going through the top of the mat, attached by a thick zipper, that allows hand weights and resistance bands to be attached to it.

The gym comes with 4 resistance bands – small, 5 pounds, 10 pounds, and 15 pounds.

There’s also 2 hand/foot handles that clip onto the bands.

The Best Workout You Haven't Heard of...Yet - Flobody Fitness -

True to their mission of being a workout you can do anywhere, my gym also came with a Flobody bag to pack everything up and easily tote around!

I’m telling you…so. smart.

How to Get Started

Flobody has YouTube tutorials and workouts, a Facebook group, and seriously everything you could need to get going.

Okay, but the best part…they’re launching a 12-week program on September 9th, with workouts created and led by Janie to help you make the most of your gym and kick your body into tip-top shape.

I’m pumped to start this program and genuinely encourage anyone who’s been craving a change in routine, or the START of one, to join me.

I work from home and have STILL found it hard to make time to move my body. Now that I’ve finally found something that feels good, is easy to use, and still challenges my level of fitness, I’m feeling confident about a consistent workout regimen.

Learn more about Flobody and shop for your own home gym here.

x, Kaitlyn

*I received this Flobody gym through a giveaway. This post was not directly sponsored by Flobody, nor is it an ad. Just love!

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