May 7, 2018

There’s Always Another Way

Being a copywriter has taught me that there’s always another way to say or write something. It’s helped prevent writer’s block, it’s helped me curb the feeling of comparison, and it’s prevented self-doubt. It’s allowed me to see words as limitless —I simply have to figure out the puzzle. And the more I practice it, the more I realize how true it is of life: there’s always another way.

The feeling of being stuck is a familiar one for many of us. But this I’ve come to know: There are options & God is always, always, always on your side.

Sometimes “another way” is simply learning to rethink the situation – to reimagine what’s possible.

While driving to work this morning, I had such an overwhelming sense of gratitude and appreciation for my family.

For my husband, Connor, and how he always follows the tugs on his heart, despite what’s popular.

For my Dad having the courage to go into real estate after a full career in the food & beverage industry that ended differently than he may have anticipated.

For my Mom returning to P.E. and continuing to coach field hockey because it’s long been a passion of hers.

For my sister, Liz, having the boldness to put her PT career temporarily on hold and be at home for her beautiful baby girls & hard-working hubby. Oh, and for always fighting the hard stuff with the weapon of grace.

For my little sister, Brooke, who unconventionally has found her way across the world and back again to continue pursuing what she wants and loves. She is the epitome of finding a way.

Like any family, we’re all different, and we’ve all had our ups and downs. But what I admire the most about these people is that they’ve always been able to push on, when circumstances might have been against them. And they’ve always encouraged me to do the same.

And so today, I’m encouraging you to do it, too.

The older I get the more my confidence grows in the notion that things have a way of working out. I’ve seen it happen throughout my life for other people, but somehow, I failed to see it for myself.

But the more my capacity for surrender grows, the more synchronicity I experience. Relief comes with things that would have once been a disappointment. Wisdom has become worth waiting for over rash insight.

Perhaps it’s less of a discovery and more of a return to a deeply embedded child-like faith.

Because I again believe in the transformative power of gratitude, the strength that comes from giving God glory on the best or worst of days, and how refusing to worry breaks the chains of despair.

The now is in focus, the future is brighter, and despite what things may look like from the outside, my heart feels more compassion and less judgment towards others.

I’ve been in the pit  – wondering when I would ever wake up not feeling the shackles of shame, depression, and anxiety. Throughout my Master’s program, I’d developed a mock organization with the tagline:

Today is the dawn of young adult leaders looking out & rising up, together.

And today is the dawn.

Because regardless of where you find yourself reading this – deep in the pit or dancing on cloud 9, there’s always another way. It’s both humbling and freeing and I promise you, there is air for you.

Breathe in and praise the One who won this life even if just for you.

Mental Health Awareness month always tugs on my heartstrings.

If you need the reminder, I’ll always be the one to give it to you – you’re worth it all.






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