We're Expecting! Beach Maternity + Gender Reveal Photos and Maternity Faves


We’re Expecting! Reveal Photos & My Maternity Faves So Far


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Aside from enjoying the summer and jumping right into a stacked fall workload, I’ve been busy with all the things ever since we found out … we’re expecting!

I’ll catch you up to speed real quick before diving into my maternity faves so far – aka the things I’ve been using, wearing, and loving throughout my first and second trimester…

We found out at the very end of June and kept the news to ourselves for quite a few weeks before having a lot of fun sharing with family and friends on different occasions.

To more publicly share the news of being pregnant with our first little babe, we did an early maternity photoshoot with our family friend & awesome local photographer, Maddy Humphrey, at the beach. I’m so glad we went through the effort of doing so and love having these to look back on.

We loved the photos so much, we again asked Maddy to capture some photos during our surprise gender reveal celebration that my parent’s hosted in their backyard. Also 10/10 worth it! So was the balloon display by Pop VB and poppers by Poof There It Is. Some may say it’s extra, but I was all for it. I felt like I’d regret not doing more, so we went for it! We were also adamanant about waiting to be surprised alongside the rest of our family and friends.

During the 20 week ultrasound appointment, we asked the tech *not* to tell us, and instead requested a sealed envelope with the result. We then gave that envelope to one of my best friends for her to choose the right color poppers right before the reveal (we orded 2 of each color).

For whatever reason, we both thought it was going to be a boy so we were shocked to see pink come out of my canon and Connor was hilariously twisting his the wrong way so he didn’t even react until his finally went off. It was really such a sweet surprise and I couldn’t be more excited about becoming a girl mom.

Thankfully, I’ve had a pretty smooth pregnancy without much nausea, sickness, etc. The bulk of my symptoms have been fatigue, and now I’m starting to get a bit of upper ab and back pain. But all in all, I’m feeling good and very grateful for that!

I initially placed a maternity wear order from Legoe Heritage (and I love everything!!) so I’ve been relying on a lot of that and various things already in my closet for as long as I can. My older sister is also a mom of 3 so I’ve greatly benefitted from her (luxe!) hand-me-downs. A few of which are pictured below and although I received them second-hand, I’d 100% say they’re worth the investment.

I’ve liked going for quality over quantity and have aimed to choose pieces with as much longevity and versatility as possible during this season of life!

I’m due in March so although my first trimester was in the summer, the bulk is over fall/winter so I love that I can layer over the below dresses, too.

01 – Bumpsuit DressIf you see my Stories on Instagram, you know I’ve already shared multiple mirror selfies of this dress. It goes with everything but my favorite way to style it has been a blazer and a heel or loafer. (Thanks sister!)

02 – Born Primitive Maternity LeggingsMy copywriting agency, Copy Uncorked, gets to work with this amazing brand and their maternity leggings are spot on. The higher waistband is super comfortable and hits in all the right places. I barely feel them.

03 – Bala Resistance Bands Other than some walks, I haven’t been super active, but picked these up to help with some light resistance training and PT-style workouts from home.

04 – PJ SetThese are affordable, neutral, have lots of great reviews and seem like they’ll work great throughout pregnancy (worn low!) and into postpartum.

05 – Beyond Yoga DressThis more casual/athletic-style dress can be dressed up or down and feels so supportive throughout the chest and belly. Literally fits like a glove. (Thanks againnn sister!)

06 – Belly OilThis caught my eye early on and I’ve been using it almost daily since the beginning of my second trimester. A little goes a long way and it’s super lightweight. Not sticky, too oily, or overly fragranced. I haven’t seen any signs of stretch marks yet!

07 – Ritual Prenatal Vitamin & Synbiotic+I’ve also been taking these since before I found out I was pregnant and have no complaints! The subscription model makes it convenient to ensure I never run out, too.

08 – Pregnancy PillowAnother sister hand-me-down. πŸ™‚ I looove sleeping on my back so learning you’re not supposed to do that from about the 20 week mark on, I needed some side sleeping support. I’ve loved curling up with this but I know some people prefer smaller pregnancy pillow options.

09 – Ugg Ultra Mini in Antilope It just barely got cold enough to even wear these but they’re my first pair of true Uggs and I know I’m ridiculously late to the party but I feel like they’re all I’m going to be wearing long into postpartum, too.

10 – Pill BoxA perfect pairing with my Ritual vitamins. I fill it on Sunday of each week, so my daily dose of vitamins are ready to go and I can easily keep track of whether I’ve taken them.

11 – Stanley Duh. Just tryin’ to stay hydrated over here.

That’s a wrap for now! Have you tried any of these products? Anything you love that I should check out?

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