What I Packed for a Country Concert + Weekend in Augusta, Georgia


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Connor recently surprised me by sharing he booked a last minute country concert…and he wasn’t telling me who or where. I was all for the spontaneity and element of surprise, but it obviously made packing a little tricky.

I knew it was somewhere Southeast, and that the weather would be getting up to the mid 70s. I started to guess it was a Hardy concert after he wouldn’t stop blaring his album from our living room TV. ๐Ÿ˜‰

To play it safe, I chose a neutral palette of black, white, ivory, gray, tanโ€”and a touch of brown in the form of workout wear. This is the first time I’ve kept all of my packed items this cohesive and wow, does it make a difference.

Going into the weekend, I felt pretty solid about all of this but a little nervous that it wasn’t ‘enough’. Because you just never know, you know!? But I kept coming back to the fact that we were literally only going to be there for 1 *full* day. I’ve learned a stuffed suitcase with too many options just isn’t fun.

Sure enough, mid-flight, I eventually learned we were headed to Augusta, GA to see Hardy! We stayed at the super cute Partridge Inn.

Here’s everything I packed.

What I Packed for a Country Concert & Weekend in Georgia -

Find links to most everything (or similar) via my LTK profile here.

It all ended up being spot-on. I wore everything, with just a pair of socks and underwear to spare!

Here’s a closer look at each outfit I put together from those items, including a few “alternate outfits”, depending on weather/comfort.

What I Packed for a Country Concert & Weekend in Georgia -

This LBD is an older find from @kerrently’s collection with the Drop – find it here.

What I Packed for a Country Concert & Weekend in Georgia -

I hope this gives you some outfit inspo for your next country concert and/or helps with packing light for an upcoming weekend getaway. ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m going to do a fuller guide to packing a carry-on soon so keep an eye out for that, too!

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