Latest Loves & Notes on Life: July 2023


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Am I surprised it’s been a few months since the last entry of this series? Not in the slightest. The goal will always be to make this blog more consistent. But without boring you with that, I guess you could say life + work has just been … full? Or has it?

I often feel like Connor and I vacillate between having zero time during the week to quite a bit of free time in the evenings and most weekends. But I’m often mentally & creatively taxed from the week so I tend to want to be outside, spend time with family, play tennis, and more or less be on no agenda. In the past, I often used so much of my nights and weekends to get ahead on various work projects. But these days, I just haven’t had the energy.

It feels like summer arrived so late this year after a string of really bizarre weather – including Virginia’s biggest tornado on record – an F3 that hit more than 100 homes – just a half mile from our house. So scary and devastating! Around Father’s Day, the sun finally started to shine more and we’ve been able to get in a few boat + beach days, which always remind me of why Virginia Beach is such a cool place.

Our travel slowed down a bit, but will soon pick back up at the end of this month – which are legit vacations I’ve been looking forward to for months! We’re first headed to the Bahamas for a work-affiliated trip for Connor and then a family reunion on my Dad’s side in Ocean Isle, NC (which I’ve never been to before!)

Aside from all of that, here’s a round-up of a few July loves!

01. naps on the beach

The beach is one of the few places where my mind seems to empty and be at rest, so little naps followed by a dip in the ocean is the ultimately summer activity if you ask me.

02. yellow suit

I don’t know how or why, but I was able to snag this suit from Farfetch for $65 off, which is practically unheard of for Hunza G. I often shop for these types of styles on global luxury retailers like Farfetch, MyTheresa, and the like, because they tend to have great sales and duties included in the international shipping! I’ve never loved bathing suits and have often found them really uncomfortable but these are the exception. And I love that they’re 1-size so I don’t have to worry about which size to get or if/how my weight may naturally fluctuate.

03. sunglasses

Saw ’em, loved ’em, needed to have them and got extra stoked when I found them for 50% less via Amazon – anddd Try Before You Buy just to make sure I like the shape on me. The black & white feels so classic, feminine, and fun.

04. green floral dress

Had been looking everywhere for a fun, colorful dress to wear for one of the event nights in the Bahamas and kept striking out. I liked the silhouette of this one, that it fit the theme, but also seemed like something I’d get multiple wears out of.

05. pajamas

Ooof, I bought a lot on Prime Day – and most of it went back. I can’t get past the poor quality and weird fabrics sometimes but this set is part of the Amazon Aware line and is made of 55% Cotton, 39% Modal, 6% Elastane. Really soft with a naturally loose, boxy fit that’s exactly what I’m always reaching for when lounging around the house.

06. blue hat

I have a client and friend who has created a thesis of sorts related to ‘Americana’ and other related topics and we’ve been talking a lot about Ralph Lauren. The brand seems to be having a resurgence lately. This hat stuck out to me on Revolve and has brought a coastal classic sense to various summer outfits.

07. all linen everything

Literally – check my LTK or Pinterest lately! I can’t get enough.

May the rest of your summer be everything you hope for it to be! xx

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