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Favorite Recent Purchases | No. 2 - kaitlynhparker.com

Last month I started a new series about um, well… my favorite recent purchases! (Catch No. 1 of this series HERE.) This spring, I’d been thinking through outfits for my best friend’s wedding in Telluride as well as trying to refine my wardrobe. I’ve wanted to do a better job of only buying/keeping what I […]

Rather than creating some long-winded complicated new blog series that makes it hard for me to maintain, I’m going to keep this series nice & simple. Sort of like Fashion Jackson’s ‘Dailies’ blog posts – but more like monthly because #hobbyblogger. After spending a lotttt of time quarantining at home over the past couple of […]

When my hair was blonder, I used to only wear silver jewelry. I thought gold jewelry didn’t look good on me, but over time I’ve come to looove it. And now that my hair is darker, I’ve been growing my collection of dainty gold pieces. (I’m still a fan of a little mixed metal action […]

Luxe Under $100 Gifts for Her - kaitlynhparker.com

Gift buying can be difficult at times because I’m sure we all want to give our loved ones something that feels really nice and special. But it can be tough to do when a lot of those options are over $100 and our gift list seems never-ending. I’ve rounded up a few of my favorite […]

October Style List (A&F Sale) - kaitlynhparker.com

I spent my weekend mornings browsing some fall sales and landed on the Abercrombie & Fitch website – they always have the best deals! I never even shopped A&F in high school or college, but lately, they’re just killing it! Right now they’re doing a 50% sale with an extra 15% off using the code: […]

I think we can all agree that the heat & sunshine of summer can do a number on our skin. We’re hot, generally sweaty & shiny, covered in sunscreen, or caught with makeup still on, (when we wish we’d just left it off). SO, what’s a girl to do? What I can tell you is what’s […]


If you’re following my #CultivationProject, you know I’m on a spending freeze this month. So you might be like, “Style finds!? I thought you weren’t shopping??” Don’t worry, I received these pieces prior to starting the challenge, and just hadn’t gotten around to wearing/sharing them yet! 🙂 You may also know that I’m a big proponent […]